Successful Norway Tour

With seven shows in six days the Norwegian tour of A Clockwork Orange was a big success, with the show’s cast receiving tremendous reviews on social media.

New Twitter followers had plenty to say about Jonno’s performance. Just a few comments posted on Twitter…

“A Clockwork Orange was by far one of the greatest theater experiences I’ve witnessed so far. Fantastic work, @Jonno_Davies and crew!”

@Jonno_Davies I’m a HUGE A Clockwork Orange fan, and I absolutely loved your version of it yesterday! It was amazing! xx”

@Jonno_Davies Loved the show today, as a drama student I must say I loved the details and the work in general!”

@Jonno_Davies I have to say I really loved “A clockwork orange” today. You are a really great actor. And I really look up to you.”

@Jonno_Davies Hi  I really really really loved your performance in Gjøvik today! It was Amazing!! And meeting you afterwards made my day!!”

@Jonno_Davies Thank YOU so much for a wonderful show today! Very inspiring and touching. I was completely mesmerized by your performance xx”

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