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  1. Bob Jacques Reply

    Hi Jonno
    Wishing you all the very best over in the USA
    Was good to see you all last week

  2. Ken Rowe Reply

    Hi Jonno, I saw you perform live Off-Broadway in New York in “A Clockwork Orange” last October, and I loved your performance!! Thank you for coming to the U.S. Please, come back soon! I live in Chicago where there is also great theatre! Best of luck to you in your career!

  3. Alex Reply

    The play was awesome wishing u so much luck

  4. Jake Reply

    Dear Jonno,
    My name is Jake and I’m 17 and I’m trans. It’s not easy being “different” in high school with others not understanding who I am and my choice to live life as my true self. However besides my wild imagination and my twin sister who always bring light to my darkest days watching movies or plays had always helped to forget about the crazy world that I live in and the painful words of others that seem to affect me way too much. When my parents told me that we were going to see a play I suspected that it would be amusing and a way to break the day but when I saw clockwork orange it was more than amusing or fun it was absolutely insane in the best way possible. The energy, the passion, the setting, everything was so cool! When your character was suffering or in pain I felt it also I know what’s it like to be there and to be hurt and be conditioned by society to act this way or that way. I know your performance will stay with me for a long time and help me see that there is hope, there is a way to break free. I know I’m still a ways to go, it’s only been a couple of months since I realized that maybe self harming isn’t the best way to try and get better, but after seeing this I’m so inspired to continue writing. I’m not much of an actor and I never will be but writing is my passion and after seeing the passion here tonight I feel better than ever.
    Thank you sir,
    Jake 🙂

  5. Gene Kaniecki Reply

    Hi Jonno, Just saw CWO at NWS NYC. WOW! I was supposed to see the show a few weeks ago but had a back problem, I missed it, but got another ticket and went today. Your performance was no less than stunning. As I was exiting the theatre, I heard everyone around me saying what a great job you did and what a wonderful show it was. I think there are really big things ahead for you! Thanks again for an electric performance and a wonderful time at the theatre.

  6. Sherry Reply

    Just finished seeing A Clockwork Orange at the New World Stages – LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! The guys are terrific – Many Thanks to all the cast and crew for such an enjoyable performance!

  7. John DeBenedetto Reply

    Hi Jonno,

    I’m a stage director and saw the matinee of CLOCKWORK ORANGE today. Your performance was amazing. I reviewed it for Show Score and singled you out. I’m sure there won’t be a better performance in NY this season! Break a leg for the rest of the run.

    John DeBenedetto

  8. Adam B. Reply

    Jonno, Bravo for your Alex DeLarge in New York City. Grade A acting, haircut, and physique. A+ for movement and charisma. From a long-time fan of the book, thanks for bringing it to life in a memorable evening of theater.

  9. John Robinson Reply

    Heard about the off-Broadway production of “A Clockwork Orange.” I don’t know if I can get to New York during your run, but break lots of legs, kid!

  10. Sue Harding Reply

    Hi Jonno

    Saw you on TV in Casualty a while back and remembered you. It was amazing when I bought tickets to see Clockwork Orange yesterday and found out you are playing the lead character.

    I’ve never seen the film (I’d be too scared to watch – LOL) but LOVE the book.

    Can’t wait to see you on stage!

    Love Sue.

  11. Alyssa Reply

    To avoid sounding like a complete and total fan girl I’ll start by saying loved you in Kingsman. Was disappointed to see on your Instagram you have a girlfriend but I’m not surprised. Anyway! You’re incredibly attractive and talented and I look forward to seeing you in future films and in my dreams this evening.

    • Website Admin Reply

      Hello Alyssa

      Very nice words to say about Jonno. He sees every message on the website, but I’m not sure quite how, or if, he’ll reply. I’m sure he will have blushed though. 🙂 🙂

  12. Dan Reply

    Hi Jonno

    I would like to ask what would be the best idea if I wanted to go into acting when I am older and what advice would you give me as you are such a great actor that I know and thought your thoughts might help me with my choices growing up

    Good luck on your next performance and hope I could be like you one day

    • Jonno Reply

      Hi Dan,

      My advice for now is to watch as much theatre and film as you can. Watching live theatre is a great way for your creative mind to grow and also helps develop your artistic opinion. Speak to your family about maybe joining a drama group like ‘Stagecoach’ or something similar. I used to go on Saturdays after school and really enjoyed it. If you’re still serious about acting when it comes to leaving school, I couldn’t recommend Drama School strongly enough. But as I said for now, watch, listen and form an opinion!

      Good luck!

      Jonno Davies

  13. Rosanna Hiscock Reply

    Hi Jonno,
    Really admire you as a young actor. I’m an English Lit graduate and aspiring actress from Essex, probably regarded as shy but I love to perform. I wonder whether you have an opinion on whether to attend drama school? I’ve performed at Ed Fringe and various other small-scale tours, but am researching and doing my best to try everything. If you could give any advice to a 21 year old blonde girl desperate to audition, it’d be welcome! Getting auditions seems particularly hard without an agent.

    Thank you, so impressed with this website. Also, you were my nan’s favourite thing in Doctors, just thought you’d like to know!


    • Jonno Reply

      Hi Rosanna,

      Lovely to hear from you, and thank you for the kind words, genuinely means a lot.

      In my opinion, I couldn’t recommend drama school highly enough, and your experience of Edinburgh and other tours would certainly work to your advantage in getting in. I had arguably the three best years of my life at drama school, and you get to act literally every day which is what we all dream of. It’s also a very good springboard into the industry, making it a lot easier to get agents etc.

      On the other hand though, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Firstly it’s very expensive, and going to drama school doesn’t certify work in the future. Another route is to work on getting a showreel, then you have proof of your work to show to agents and casting directors. There are several companies around who can help you create your own showreel, where they’ll film you and friends doing scenes etc. Or you can join casting call pro and hopefully get some work through there which you can use for your showreel.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

  14. Abil Reply

    You were amazing in A Clockwork Orange today at Esplanade in Singapore! What a show, and you lads are such a great bunch! Keep working and moving forward..I would be so keen to hear all your green room stories haha with so much testosterone running around! Quite pleasantly surprised by the kiss in the end, didn’t know Singapore govt would allow that! Much love x

    • Website Admin Reply

      Thank you for those kind words, Abil.

      Jonno loved his time in Singapore! He also sees every message on his website.

      Website Admin

  15. CH Reply

    Hi Jonno

    I just watched a splendid performance of A Clockwork Orange and I enjoyed your raw and stellar talent immensely. Keep up the great work. I am sure I’ll be one of the first few people to grab a ticket if you are to play a part in any production that is coming to Singapore in future. Bravo! Thank you for such a delightful performance.


    • Website Admin Reply

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      Jonno would love to come back to Singapore at some point in the future. He had a great time and really appreciated the warmth of the Singapore people. He also sees every message on his website.

      Website Admin

  16. Raffaello Reply

    Hi Jonno~
    Hope you know there’re a lot of people like you so much in China~
    Really love your latest pictures for the magazine~
    Hope to see more of your wonderful performance in movies and TV shows,truly wish one day I could get the chance to see you play on the stage:)

    • Jonno Reply

      Hi Raffaello. They are very kind words. Thank you for your support. I would really like to visit China one day. You never know, I might get to do a show out there. 🙂

      • Raffaello Reply

        So glad to hear that! Actually I’m planning a trip to Europe this year or next,it would be my best luck if you happen to be on a show at that time❤
        Be sure to let us know if you’re travelling to China! Best wishes for everything~~~❤

  17. Wendy Reply

    Hi, Jonno, I have been trying to figure out who played Eggsy’s father in Kingsman for a really long time and thank god I finally find you!

    Just wanna tell you that I really like this character and thank you for bringing it to life.

    Wish you all the best and have a lovely day:)

    • Website Admin Reply

      Hi Wendy What a nice message. It’s been passed on to Jonno. Wishing you a lovely day too. 🙂

  18. Sebastian chance Reply

    Hi Jonno,

    We loved your show, Dracula, which we saw on Sunday. A fantastic production! Good luck with your acting career. We had a wonderful three days in Edinburgh.

    Best wishes,

    Sebastian Chance

    • Jonno Reply

      Hi Sebastian

      Thank you so much for coming. Delighted you enjoyed the show. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays.



  19. Jean Lamanna Reply

    Saw Jonno on Doctor’s today – WOW he looked good!!!!

    • Website Admin Reply

      Thanks Jean

      Jonno gets to see every comment. 🙂

  20. John B Sheffield Reply

    Thought Jonno was superb today in BBC1 “Doctors” – Well Done!

    • Website Admin Reply

      Thanks John

      Nice comment you put on Twitter too, which Jonno has already favourited. 😉

      (Anyone wanting to follow him on Twitter his user name is @jonno_davies)

  21. Hayley Shaw Reply

    Hi Jonno, I saw you on Casualty at Christmas and want to know if your in it again or when will you next be on TV? Hayley x

    • Website Admin Reply

      Thanks for your message. Jonno is back on TV towards the end of May in an episode of BBC1′s Doctors. Once the transmission date has been confirmed we will publish details on the website.

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